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We realize that the budget question is a scary one to answer, but the more honest and realistic the approach, the closer we can get to your goal of a stellar product with just the right amount of investment. Integrity, transparency and ongoing relationships are some of the core tenets we adhere to at Critical Focus!

*Note* submitting this amount does not determine the final video price, instead it simply works as a guide to better determine the production value we can offer in preparing an initial quote for you.

About Critical Focus

Critical Focus was formed in 2007 by a small collective of filmmakers, photographers and graphic designers. Within the year, Critical Focus had become Las Vegas’ leading provider and innovator for nightclub visual content and event coverage before exploding on the scene as a full service commercial and music-video production company.

Critical Focus has created content for award winning shows and has topped the MTV charts in Europe a number of times with their innovative music videos.

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